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Wow! I didn’t expect that! BYOD success

Today is J-1 we concluded the first of my 1s Amendment discussions. Without explaining the meaning of each of the rights, I have the kids give one of the six up. Then we split into right groups and debate and discuss. I give the kids a chance to choose a different right if they want. It’s fun. In the end, the kids always discover that the first amendment is all or nothing. THEY learn the lesson. I just facilitate the discussion. Like always that worked. THEN I lecture them on each of the rights given in the first amendment and a little of the history behind that right. This time I told the kids if they had an iPad, they could take notes on it instead. They asked if they could use their phones instead.

My initial reaction was no. This is a new class. It’s giant. I don’t know them well enough to tell the difference between texting and taking notes. They solved that problem by saying they would show their notes/audio/video files at the end of the lecture.
And so we started down this new path.

The kids were 100% attentive to my lecture. They typed in their notes, they recorded me, they continued to ask questions.

I was still reluctant. Until the end of class when they showed me their notes. HOLY COW! They had taken tons of notes, and they’d organized the information along the way. I didn’t have the kids take notes on paper before, so I don’t have anything to compare to, but the notes the kids took today were far more detailed than I usually see.

I’ll definitely try this again. 🙂

Streaming Netflix

Still working, and let me tell you, today it wasn’t easy.
We went to Best Buy to hang out with the iPads and ended up with a new DVD player that streams Netflix. That’s going to be a huge time suck if I’m not careful.
That’s why I made myself go write tonight. And, once again, I’m happy. I love Addison. She’s so klutzy. Sharlene’s not really been on scene the last two writing days.
Coolest thing: I’m writing this blog tonight while listening to NPR streaming through my TV. It’s a Charlaine Harris interview.
Times have changed!
I spent this morning with an amazing administrator from Hirschi High School and a group of new teachers from the district talking about collaboration. LOVE it! It’s so cool that our teachers are committed to excellence.

Up to 8394 words today, I think. I added a current work excerpt page to my blog. I’m going to start keeping my word count updates there. And I’m thinking about adding more pages. I might even let my website go.

iPad, Take 2

I’ll admit to being one of the disappointed watchers as Apple debuted their new iPad. I kept saying: it’s just a big iPod touch. But then, over the past 24 hours I can’t stop thinking about it and how it can revolutionize education AND leisure time. I love my iPod Touch for reading. This is going to be even better. And it does everything I need it to do, really. I mean, I didn’t need a new computer. I have one. ANd my phone works fine as is…ESPECIALLY if I have an iPad with the data plan. I can watch movies whenever…I wonder if I can stream my Netflix to it? WIll I be able to text? If not, my kids tell me there’s an App for that. 🙂
I get the columns in the presentation. It’s not a phone. It’s not a computer. It’s an iPad. Something new all together. That’s cool.
Now, will I get it right away? hmmmmmmm. I tend to wait until a second generation so the mistakes are worked out. Decisions, decisions. Want, need.
I better remember Dave Ramsey. Looks like I better start putting my money back now.