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Finding My Voice

Years ago, back when I first started writing, a bestselling author told me to look at my bookshelf and write what I like to read.
Problem: I like to read everything. My keeper shelf–back before I started reading eBooks–consisted of everything from Dostoevsky to Jane Austen to Jennifer Crusie & Susan Elizabeth Phillips to Margot Early & Julie Miller to John Grisham & James Patterson.
I’ve tried writing everything, but from the very beginning, dead people kept showing up.
So I write suspense. And I get requests. And I get rejections that say the book has too much romance, submit to the suspense line OR the book has too much suspense submit to the romance line. 🙂
I guess the writer me isn’t quite sure what she’s writing.
WIth the last book, I wrote the first draft, used some plot tools after the fact, amped up conflict after the fact, used a plot board after the fact.
It made a difference. An agent read the story and said she wasn’t interested in category, so she wouldn’t represent the work, but she saw it as an Intrigue and felt it would sell and invited me to call if I wanted her to help me with the contract. I hope she’s right about Intrigue. 🙂
She also invited me to submit anything longer. She liked my voice.
YAY. But I don’t have anything longer.
I’ve wanted to write for Harlequin for years, and that’s my goal.
Wish me luck!

We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Programming…

I got a request for a full from Intrigue. It’s ready to go, so it’ll be on its way to NYC tomorrow.
Fingers crossed!

Where did the real me go, evil book!

I’m working on the complete of the manuscript requested by Intrigue. I loved this book when I plotted it. Since it’s a mystery I worked out the basic plot before I started writing. My CPs read it forever ago, made suggestions on pacing. I tend to rush through, keeping the tension edge of the seat so when something big happens it’s almost no big deal because something big is always happening. Not this time. (DId I use big enough in that sentence? big, big, big!)
So WHY do I suddenly question every single word between pages 50-75? WHY!!!???
I think I’ve read it too many times. Who knows if there’s tension, passion and drama? When you know the whole freaking thing by heart all that stuff tends to blend into the page. UGH!
Tomorrow, I’m just moving on. I’m not even going to read over what’s on the page. Until I work through this sudden freak out session I’m in the middle of, I figure it’s what I’ll have to do. I don”t like to write my stories in that way these days, but it’ll get me going again. No more reading old pages. Fresh, new pages await.


I read what I wanted to be an excellent book this weekend. Right up until the last chapter it was amazing. And then the author KILLED the main character. She’d set up this incredibly sad story already, but it worked. I could handle the sadness because it fit the story. A 13-yr-old girl suing her parents for medical emancipation because she doesn’t want to give her dying sister her kidney is definitely going to make for teary moments. But then the author gets some crazy idea. Oh. I know. Let’s throw in a freaking twist and make my readers sob for hours because that is the only reason to pull this stunt. It serves NO OTHER PURPOSE! But I’ll let the sick sister live. UGH! That’s what I get for reading outside romance. UGH!! DD thinks I’m crazy. She says the irony at the end makes it worthwhile. My thoughts: Irony this. 😦

Oh the Joy!

I’m almost done and I love my book. It’s so sad and happy and reaffirming. I nearly killed it with that race to the end, but after a brief bout with WIP CPR, it’s been revived.
Woo Hoo.
I’ll finish it tomorrow or maybe the next day. And then I have to get started on the next one because it’s about to write itself I think. My brain won’t turn it off, and it has to, at least until I finish this one.
I’m bittersweet about this first foray into the Single Title market coming to an end. I’ve stretched myself and learned to write with more emotion but less exposition. The characters tell their stories. I’m just sort of along for the ride. 🙂 I think this book has helped me become a better writer, a better storyteller. Before this, I’ve been so in love with my words, I forgot that in genre fiction show don’t tell is essential. That even if it sounds beautiful, it’s not going to be read if it’s similar to Faulkner in sentence length. This story is longer than anything I’ve written before because of its subject matter and its characters. But I fully believe writing this has made me a better writer, period. I know my new Intrigue proposal is tighter because of it.

Still haven’t heard from Intrigue, but my next proposal for them is ready. YES! I understand the idea behind one proposal on the desk at a time, and I even agree with it. But man, it’s hard to keep this at home when it’s ready to go.

People keep telling me I should focus my energy on one kind of story. I don’t think it’s possible. One day an agent or editor might tell me this, and I might have to give it more thought. But right now, I don’t see the need. These ST’s are gut-wrenching to write. Crying at the computer might be cathartic at times, but it’s also exhausting. I need the shorter, faster, sexier stories for author escapism. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m unprofessional. I don’t think it does.

I hope to have a fabulous writing week next week. I should, since I won’t be at Nationals. I love conference, but I’ve given it up until I sell some books or final in the Golden Heart. Hopefully I’ll be in Atlanta. That’s my goal anyway.

**Reading Lolita in Tehran is an amazing book. I’m so glad I picked it up. This summer’s been great for my Keeper Shelf.


I LOVE my new WIP. Love it, love it, love it. DD says I’m writing a Hallmark movie and I tell her we can only hope. 🙂
Of course, it is 2:02 in the morning and I’ve been writing for three hours straight and I just hit the end of the first major turning point but I LOVE THIS story.
And the whole problem with the scene is fine, I just needed to talk it out and tweak it some.
Woo Hoo.
And I have my next Intrigue idea to put together if the last one gets R’d. (It shouldn’t because it is awesome. That hero is the best hero I’ve ever written, but it might, so I’ve got to plan for the next one) And I got my first agent R and it doesn’t hurt. I can’t believe that, but it really doesn’t. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just strange. And I’ve got the short synopsis written for my next women’s fiction. My summer is planned. I’m a writer. I write. I tell stories. I love this. Woo Hoo.
I can’t wait to bring this to critiques with the wonderful Bad Girls, Brave author Karen Kelley who constantly reminds me dreams do come true and Sheila Curlin, emotional writer extraordinaire who reminds me to take risks in my writing. Whoa. This is risky. And I love it.
Forget the rules. They don’t exist.
Woo Hoo!