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Lawton, OK, this is a disgrace!

Please click through and look at these photos. My father-in-law built a house on his lot. When he tore his trailer down, the neighboring lot’s disaster was more visible than ever. There’s even a place that won’t grow grass. In one of the pictures there’s a strange looking face thing. It’s not a face, but it sure looks like one. My father-in-law has complained for years and even been to the city attorney’s office. NOTHING helps.

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Happy Birthday?

DD threw a surprise birthday party for DH this week.
It was surprise to me too.
I think it was a surprise to her. She’s spontaneous like that.
She let me know about it at 4:30. I was at school. On deadline.
The party started at 6:00. At my house. After I’ve been gone on vacation. On the day DH cam home from vacation.
Can’t get upset with the surprise birthday party, but next time, she get the house ready too!
I don’t have photos. Trust me, the house was a mess.
But the company was awesome.