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Finding Flaws

Sometimes you need a lesson. I’m getting one now.

Thank God for lessons.

A long time ago author Helen Myers, told my (now disbanded 😦 )romance writing group if you’re going to write, you have to be willing to bleed on the page. I’m trying to channel the emotions into the story I’m working on. I think I might need to take up kickboxing and channel some emotion in that direction, too. (Okay, not really. If you know me at all, you know there is zero percent chance of me kick boxing. I would hurt myself.)

It’s funny because in critiques I’m always telling my friends they’re committing the nice-nice sin. Making things too easy on the characters. I see it in their work because it’s a huge flaw in mine. I like the people I create. I don’t want to put them through hell. But those struggles make the book so much better!






The mini-conference is over and I’m completely exhausted and totally jazzed about my writing.
Lori Wilde, super cool Blaze and Warner author, talked about High Concept. I’d actually heard of high concept in the past, but Lori worked with us to make our concepts concrete enough to really fit the bill of what a high concept is.
The amazingly talented, friendly, outgoing, margarita machine party throwing Jane Graves talked about Kickin’ it up a Notch, or as she put it taking your writing to the next level. Whoa. It was amazing to see how perfectly fine writing can be outstanding with just a little more concrete information.
And finally, the incomparable Helen R. Myers talked about how to really get there. She just turned in her 40th book. She’s amazing.
Once again I was completely blown away by how giving the multi-published authors, in the midst of crazy deadlines and busy lives, give selflessly to my small 17-member RWA chapter. The tips they shared and lessons they taught are just what I needed to hear.
The big thing I learned is I’ve got to be concrete in my pitches and my synopsis.
I’m so excited.
Tonight I’m going to sleep because I haven’t slept more than a couple hours the last two nights. Tomorrow, after church, I’m writing. And then I’m writing some more. 🙂