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TEA Meets Delores Umbridge

I remember watching the Delores Umbridge testing scene on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and thinking THANK GOD TAKS isn’t that bad. I think TEA must’ve used the scene as an influence when designing the STAAR and test administrator training. Now if we only had the Weasley’s.

New HP

Whoa. I can’t believe it. Not the big surprise and who died but the end. Whoa.
I actually thought the book started slow, way slow, and if I hadn’t already been so invested in the story, I wouldn’t have continued. But I’m glad I did. It’s an amazing story.
Now to get DD to talk to me again. She kindly offered to let me read it first. I took her up on the offer. I think that was the wrong answer. 🙂

I have a ton of writing to make up now.

3 hours

Unitl DD has the new Harry Potter in her hands. I guess I’ll let her read it first. 🙂
Watching Battlestar Galactica. I’ve not seen the new one but I’ve heard great things about it.