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After a week with my grandparents I’m home, but I don’t think I’m quite the same.
One day I might be able to write about all of it, but I’m not ready yet.

I read three incredible books this week. One: Seeing Red by Jill Shalvis. I loved this book. Blue Flame was up for a RITA this year and I liked it. I actually liked White Heat better. There was something so vulnerable about the heroine. But Seeing Red is amazing. The characterization is fabulous, the danger, edge of your seat, the tension…hot, hot, hot! Amazing book.

Two: The Pregnancy Test by Susan Gable. Whoa. I can’t believe this was a Susan Gable book. I’m actually surprised it was a SuperRomance period. It’s a great book but dark. Even the happy ending is tinged with sadness. It’s on my keepershelf along with The Mommy Plan.

Third: Letters From Home by Carolyn Hart. Fabulous, fantastic, I’m adding it to my booklist for my journalism classes. A great whodunit that definitely earned its Best Book of the Year nod from PW.

I’ve had a week off writing, not exactly how I planned to spend the week of the first Nationals I wasn’t attending since I got serious about writing, but I wouldn’t change it. The time I spent with my grandparents wasn’t wasted, that’s for sure.