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Year 26 Done

In the midst of chaos I finished year 26. I attended graduation and enjoyed seeing and talking to people while also practicing social distancing.

Masks are hot. Way hotter than I expected. That’s my takeaway from this week of wearing a mask every day for at least three hours. Teaching in one will be tough, but I’ll do it.

Pandemic, protests and riots, graduation. I’m glad this school year is over, but I will miss these seniors. I pray for our nation.

This is the reality of living in a nation where division is a constant. That has to end. I hope people will vote this man out of office.

I’m terrified of the COVID numbers in two weeks.

She did it!


Thank you, Lord.




I won’t go into the whole story. It doesn’t matter today. 


For now I’ll leave it with She Did It. ON graduated from high school. 


And now she’s headed to Vernon College. 


She’s a fighter. She rediscovered hope. 


It wouldn’t have been possible without her original counselor, Mrs. Susie Nix, Rider registrar Paula Moore, Rider counselor Jennifer Spurgers and Rider teacher Cleveland Wallerich, who connected with a hurt kid and helped her remember how much she loved school.


It wouldn’t have been possible without our small group and their prayers.


It wouldn’t have been possible without my sister, who’s reclaimed her own life in the same time.


Most of all, it wouldn’t have been possible without God, our partner every step of the way.