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Grasmere: One of the Most Beautiful Places Ever

I should’ve known when we drove into town and saw everyone walking around with walking sticks that something was up.

When we drove into town we passed a cute “Elderly Crossing” sign, so I mistook the walking sticks for canes.

When we left Rydal Mount, Super Guide Paul asked if we wanted to take a short nature walk over to the town of Grasmere. Off we went.Grasmere201306190011

Looking back the nature walk really wasn’t all that far, but in the midst of it, I worried we wouldn’t all make it.

It quickly became apparent why so many people had walking sticks, but with views like these, how could we possibly want to ride over on a bus?

I will definitely go back to the Lake District in England one day. Grasmere is my second most favorite place in the world!#

Me and ON in Grasmere

Me and ON in Grasmere

Grasmere201306190013 Grasmere201306190014 Grasmere201306190020 Grasmere201306190019 Grasmere201306190018 Grasmere201306190017 Grasmere201306190016 Grasmere201306190015Scenes from the walk


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