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You Gotta Have Faith

Photo by Randy Adams used via creative commons license. Link at end of post.

A few years ago one of our small group members, Sandra, talked to us about faith. She said when her husband lost his job in OKC, they had absolute faith that God would get them through the tough times. They ended up here where their children grew up in great schools with great friends. She said it wasn’t easy, but they constantly told themselves that God was in control. Thank GOD, because I’m not sure how I would’ve survived the last several years without Sandra and Gerald! Last year two of our friends said they were going on a mission trip to Panama, and they were going to raise all the money to do so. The last month they still had a ways to go, but they never lost faith. Sure enough, by the end they raised every bit of money they needed. People like Bonnie and Justin teach me so much! It’s so hard sometimes to trust God. Let Go and Let God seems easy. It’s not.  Two years ago we almost bought a house. We didn’t love the house, but we liked it all right. We went to the bank, got approved to make an offer, but when we got home 10 minutes later, we had a message from the lending officer. They’d changed their minds. The realtor suggested we go to another bank, but the whole thing struck me as odd. DH and I decided the bank’s reversal had to be a God thing. Then last year’s summer from Hades with over 100 100-degree days and the months-long drought dried up all the Lee’s Total Lawn Care business. Had we bought the house we thought we wanted then, last year would have been an incredibly tough year financially. But God’s no then wasn’t really a no. It was a wait. This year we’re looking at house plans to build during the winter. It’s scary to make that kind of investment, but when I think back over the last few years of Dave Ramsey and prayer, I have faith things will work out exactly as they’re supposed to.###

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Lesson Learned: 1 Kid, iMovie, Google and a Transformation

Today was one of the best days of my teaching career. It’s like God screamed, “Girl, I put you in the classroom for a reason.”
I have a special needs child in one of my classes. This child is amazing and wonderful and all year we’ve worked on him learning how to log into the computer and how to make videos. The videos he totally figured out. He can use a handy cam to shoot the video, upload it to the computer and use iMovie to make his own projects. Or he can use photo booth to make music videos of him lip synching and dancing.
If I ask him to remind me of something, he will every time. But he has the hardest time associating letters and words. So, every day, when he comes to class, we walk him through how to start his music on groove shark. He loves Justin Bieber. All of the kids help him out, never complaining. They love him. The end.
Today, class started and he said, “Mrs. lee, Mrs. lee. Come here and let me show you.”
I was going through 90 pages of yearbook proofs and thinking how stressful my job is, so I didn’t have the best frame of mind when I headed to his desk.
But then he started Firefox, opened Google and showed how he’d learned to search for yahoo and start his own music on yahoo music. When his videos were blocked, he browsed to yahooligans on his own to find his music.
Every kids in the class cheered, clapped, gave him high 5s. We almost broke out in a dance party.
It was one of the greatest moments of my teaching career.
It reminded me that what we do in the classroom every day is so very important. That we don’t even know when we’re making a difference. It reminded me that I love my job and moments like these make the 90-page deadlines worth it.

My Utmost for His Highest

Kicked off Crave ministry with a barbecue at the leader’s home this afternoon. Great fun with some amazing young adults in such an important transitional time of life.
Brian and I are so blessed to be part of the Colonial College Ministry.
Right before I started writing, I got a strange friend request from a youtube group. When I clicked on the request, I was surprised to see it dealt with something that came up in my manuscript last night. I haven’t researched the topic or anything, so I was kind of shocked.

When I prayed tonight, I thought a lot about my writing. Is it for me or is it for Him? Tat led to thought about school and parenting and even the time I spend on Facebook. I came back to this saying I hear all the time: My utmost for His highest.
But that’s a pretty big statement when you think about it.
My utmost means I give my all every day no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Some days, I definitely give my utmost. But with the budget crisis in education, I can honestly say I’ve NOT given my all also.
for His highest takes it to an even tougher level. It means that every day I give my everything to God. That I do all for His glory.
I’m soooooo far from that place most days. In fact, my reality is more My Utmost for My Highest, I think. I pray, I read God’s word, I serve in my church. BUT I don’t give my everything to Him.
Letting Go and Letting God is something I’ve prayed about for years, and I’m getting better, but I’m still not there.
My current manuscript is challenging me there. Our current study at church is, too.
My Utmost for His Highest.
I hope that I do more than say the words. I want to live them.

True Love and Other Stuff

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
I’m taking measures NOW to change that at work. For 10 years I’ve struggled with some coaches and sponsors to get group photos, names and scores. It took a decade, but I’m changing the way I do that business next year. Hopefully it works. We missed a proof deadline today because I’m waiting for two sets of scores. UGH!

You know, I’m learning more this year than any other that GOD IS in control, and if I quit fighting that, He can work miracles through me.
You know that bit of wisdom works in all areas of life. Writing, weight management, organization. I’m embracing it with the writing. 🙂
7174 total words now. Woo Hoo!

We’re studying James in 18:26. I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to James other than Amy Grant’s Fat Baby. In big service we’re in the middle of the 30 Days to Live series. Terry has taped interviews with several people who know they’re dying. It’s amazing to hear what they have to say. Last week, he talked to a man with ALS. The man was such a strong testimony to the strength of God. At the end, he turned to the camera and spoke to his wife. The last thing he said was he hoped that once he was gone she would find someone who would love her as much as he did now. I’ve never seen so many men crying at a service. Talk about true love.
On Wednesday night’s we’ve been studying Song of Solomon. It’s pretty amazing to see the differences between men and women in those few chapters. Solomon understood the needs of his wife. He understood that she needed to feel cherished and loved and beautiful. The first of this week’s lesson talked about how you don’t want to wake up 30 years from now, roll over in bed and say who is this old person next to me. We’ve really focused on keeping a marriage alive and not letting it turn into a roommate situation. That shouldn’t be difficult, but our lives get so BUSY, I know we go months without going on a date. This small group series is going to help that.