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Release Day Tomorrow!

Angel EyesAngel Eyes, The Guardian Book 3 releases tomorrow on Amazon kindle. The paperback will be available everywhere books are sold soon. I hope readers will enjoy the third installment in the Sharlene Gallagher mystery series.

I’m starting a new book right now, and it’s sooooo hard to get back into the rhythm of writing new pages. I forget that sometimes. I forget that I have to write and write and revise and write and try different music until the perfect combination hits and then I write a draft Fast Draft style. That draft is nowhere near publishable, but it’s a start, a skeleton of the story that will be.

Earlier this week I read a post by a NYT bestseller that said the key to writing isn’t just writing. He’s right. Becoming a writer is about studying words and word craft. But he’s also wrong. I can study the craft all day long, but if I don’t sit down and write, it won’t make a difference.

I do love craft books. Donald Maass’s books are some of my favorites. Gary Provost’s Make Your Words Work is fantastic. The exercises are great for the classroom as well. The Artist’s Way is invaluable to releasing your creative spirit. I worked through The Artist’s Way with friend/colleague/former student Scotty Coppage the summer Sharlene Gallagher showed up on the page one day. The rest is history.

I’m looking forward to an amazing release week and a week of Fast Draft style writing. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll get one tomorrow! If you don’t, you can subscribe here.




The teacher

I led a book talk today over Make Your Words Work, a great writing book by Gary Provost. It was interesting because my group was made up of teachers. I lead student workshops on a regular basis but NEVER teachers. I was worried going in because my experience has been teachers are often the very worst audience. But they were great. The groaned a little when I made them write, but just a little, and most even shared what they’d written. At the end of the day I submitted a workshop proposal to the lady in charge, just in case she ever needs me to talk about words again. I’m a little crazy when it comes to words. I love them and I love sharing that passion with others. Sometimes I think English teachers forget their love affair with language. It’s easy to get caught up in grading, grammar and the day to day stuff of class. I love writing and I forgot about it until my professor called and reminded me I’d always told him I was going to be a writer. 🙂
Nine years later he still asks me how it’s going.
I can’t wait to get the call. He’ll probably be as thrilled as me. 🙂