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Oh NaNo

Oh NaNo. I had such sweet hopes for our relationship this November. October had other ideas.

Here we are 8 days in to our NaNo fun and I’ve written zero NaNo words.

It’s okay though. October’s work is slowly moving toward conclusion.

Looking forward to you, NaNo.


Love or Hate…Rock or Rockstar

Oh the agony…

Okay, not really.

I’m working on the beginning of the first draft of a book. It’s a love/hate relationship.

One day I love the words. They’re gold. They are rockstar. They sing to me while I breathe life into the story.

And the next they are struggling to be anything more than rock…not pretty rock, just that plain white gravel…that stuff that flies off of trucks on the highway and smacks my windshield and scares the crap out of me and makes me want to call the “How’s My Driving?” number on the bumper sticker and tell whomever answers exactly what I think about that…

Anyway, the beginning is always like this. Okay, again, not really.

ALL OF IT IS ALWAYS LIKE THIS. Even the muse inspired stuff.

So yeah, I’m working on the beginning, and I’m trying to find the voice of the story and the characters all while working through opening plot points that make sense to the characters that begin to take form as the opening morphs into something more than words on the page.

Once I get chapter one where I want it, I can go NANO-style, fastdraft on the first draft. Until then, it’s slow going. And I’m good with that, because this is fun.


The End!

Haven’t posted in two days because friends were visiting and I was writing, writing, writing.

I love when friends you haven’t seen in forever come into town and it’s like they never left! That’s how it is with Becky and Darese.


I finished a rough draft! It’s rough, rough, rough, but it’s done, and I like it. It will need a TON of work, but it’s a complete story.

I used the fast draft method, and I really liked it. I hope I still like it when I start revisions. 🙂

I also used Scrivener. I’ve barely utilized its features. I hope to learn more of the Scrivener secrets as I revise.

It’s 2:47 and I’m calling it a night!