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The newsroom

There’s this picture.

I kind of forgot about it. It’s been on the blog already, and it’s on my Facebook. It’s a photo of my Rider newsroom boxes all packed up sitting in my old house’s office.

Somehow that photo ended up on my timeline today.

Not gonna lie. Seeing that photo was a punch to the gut.

I just finished Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. She talked about grieving for SNL when she left.

I totally understand what she means.

Teaching at Rider was one of the best experiences of my life. Living in that house was too. 

I chose to leave that, and I don’t regret the decision.

But this semester has been one of grieving what I left behind while building something new. It’s the perfect definition of bittersweet.

Interestingly enough I picked up my first CTHS newsroom t-shirt today. The two moments are kind of symbolic of the whole semester so far. 

I’m in a new place and I love it. I wouldn’t trade the years at the old place for anything. ❤️

Sleepless Nights

When DD moved to Huntsville to go to school, I spent weeks staring at the ceiling in my bedroom worrying about her.
What a difference three years makes.
Then, I looked at her and saw a kid. Today, I see a young woman.
She moved home after a year, and I was thrilled.
In February she moved out, and I was thrilled. 🙂
The first thing she did when moving home was get a job at the local Starbucks. She was promoted to shift manager this month.
She’s always marched to the beat of a different drum. You can see that in all the blog posts over the years. She’s an artist and an only child and, I’ll admit it, I spoiled her. We both paid the price for that, but it all worked out okay.
I’m so proud of the young woman I see today. She’s still finding her way, but I don’t spend hours staring at the ceiling worrying these days. It’s not that the worry isn’t there. It’s more I know she’s grown into a responsible person who makes solid choices.
I’m proud of her, and I can’t wait to see the future holds.

Dear DD’s Landlady

1. Thank you.
2. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
3. Thank…well, you get the idea.

DD’s got an apartment. A real apartment. And it’s cute and a policeman lives across the street and close to her work and school and kind of perfect for her.
Can you tell I’m excited?
When DD moved back home, it was rough. We’ve gotten to a place where things aren’t really so rough any more, but she’s going to be 21 in two weeks, and it’s time for her to fly.
When she went away to school, I was devastated. I never dreamed it would hurt so bad.
This time, it’s different.
The biggest difference is how much more mature she is today than she was in August of ’08. She’s learned about money and she’s grown a bit of a shell. When she left the first time she was so naive, way too trusting, stubborn.
She’s still stubborn, but she’s learned something about people. I wish that weren’t necessary, but the reality is people can be mean, they can be users, they can and will hurt you. The flip side is just as true. People can be amazing friends. But she’s learned to hold back trust until people have earned it.
I’m happy for DD. She’s ready for this.