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A Lion’s Tale

ImageOnce upon a time I read a study on why guys are so aggressive with remote controls. The study said it was because guys are lions. Since then when DH flips channels too far and the TV gets stuck in no man’s land and we have to turn everything off to get it back, I nod my head and think, “Yeah. Lion.”

That’s what I say about his aggressive driving, too. Honestly he’s a great driver. WAY too aggressive…I mean, Dallas aggressive, which would be fine if we lived in Dallas, but we live in Wichita Falls where everything is 15 minutes away unless you get stuck at the light at our corner in which case you can add 15 minutes to your travel time because that light sucks…but yeah, way too aggressive. And I just sigh to myself and say “Lion.” Okay. That’s a lie. I sigh quite loudly and grumble “LI-ON!” and it doesn’t change anything because that’s just the way he is which is okay most of the time unless we’re on Kemp Street on a Saturday and I wonder of we’re going to live because OHMYGOD there are too freaking many lions on the street on Saturdays in Wichita Falls.

Today we were on Kemp Street. On a Saturday.

We didn’t have a choice. The furniture stores are on that street.

And the lion in my life needed a new chair because the old one was kaput.

The good news: We lived.

And we got the new chair.

I thought it was for him. Now, I’m not so sure:Image

I love my lion. And the dog who USED to be mine. ❤

A Look Back

This is supposed to be my resolution post. My beginning of the year ode to “doing better.” I’m going to break with tradition. Today is prompted by my trip to Walmart yesterday.

As I approached the checkout lane I spied this little treasure:

ImageBack in the olden days, the January Cosmo was a must have. Judge all you want. My friends from the time can attest to the fact. We ALL bought it.

Today I’m far more likely to buy:

Imageor People or maybe a Weight Watchers magazine.

Times sure have changed. I’m thankful for the past and the memories of days gone by and the advice of the Cosmo Astrologer and the millions of laughs and fun times I shared with those friends from high school and college.

It’s a new year and I can’t wait to see what it brings!

A look back on 2012:

I lost 60 pounds! Loving the low carb life.

ON moved in and we survived! (No more empty nest)

We started building our house!!!!!!!! ❤

My blog went viral and continues to garner huge numbers when I post about education and/or writing.

I self-published several books successfully including Letting Go, which spent a day as the #1 christian romance on Amazon Kindle.

I became a doggy mom to a rescue.

I saw my 9th (and best!) RUSH concert with DH.

Overall, I’d say 2012 was an amazing year.  I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.

(HOPEFULLY hockey! Definitely more books.)

You’ve got to be kidding me?!

First thing this morning I fell while walking the dog. In case you haven’t heard, the winds were blowing 50 mph this morning. And it was freezing!

So there I was walking Emmie, and BOOM! on the ground. This isn’t anything new really. In fact, it’s fair to say it’s MORE a surprise that I didn’t fall before today.  I fell across the street from a student’s house. Sometimes the student’s dad is outside in the morning. Fortunately that was not the case this morning. 🙂

To be honest, though, I didn’t really think about him at first. My first thought while I was lying there on the asphalt of Easy Street (yes, really) was OHMYGOD Governor Perry wants to make it legal for me to carry concealed to school. I’m not the clutziest teacher I know. Think about that for a minute and be afraid, very, very afraid.

Scary days. Scary days indeed.

Emmie: Rescue Dog, Life Lessons

DD rescued Emmie. We think she was used as a puppy mill dog. She’s still scared if we make loud noises. She finally started barking this week. She’s a sweet dog, and we love her. She’s teaching me A LOT!

Potty training a dog takes consistency and patience. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve shared space with a dog. I’m a cat person. I didn’t exactly plan this interlude in potty training. But it’s here, so I’m going with it. I’ve researched and we’re working, and it’s two steps forward, one back, which is WAY better than two back, one forward. We finally got to the flip side of that equation.

Emmie’s teaching me about the power of consistency. Every day we work, she gets better about going outside. Last night she even stared at me until I figured out that was her sign. She needed to go out. YAY!!!! There’s a sign. It’s a miracle!

I’m doing revisions on the second Sharlene Gallagher Guardian book right now. I figure the revisions will be significantly easier if I’m consistent about working on them! Same thing goes for working out and weight loss. Consistency and patience. The keys to potty training a dog AND life.  (p.s. Praying for those affected by the OK fires.) ###

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