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Bonny Scotland

Saying goodbye to the hostel was no problem. I was sick that night, so I guess the room didn’t really matter. Besides you don’t go on these trips for the hotel. You go for the sights. even though I felt puny, I decided to focus on the fact that I was in Edinburgh. It was easy with sights like this:1 something different

Our first stop for the day was the castle. I could’ve stayed at the castle all day. There were so many interesting things to look at. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards museum is there. You might know them because of their Amazing Grace on bagpipes that’s so popular. (Click the link and at least have the music playing in the background. Totally worth it.)

Mary Queen of Scots: crowned as a baby.

Mary Queen of Scots: crowned as a baby.

I walked around the royal rooms while at the castle and saw the Scottish crown jewels. It’s fascinating that they found a random wand that wasn’t supposed to be in the jewels when they opened them. I’m totally working that into a book one day.

Everywhere we went in Ireland and Wales people were excited because we were going

to get to see the Scottish Tattoo. I didn’t get the excitement. I mean, I’m not opposed to tattoos. I think they’re cool on other people sometimes. What was so special about Scottish tattoos? Come to find out the Scottish Tattoo is a

3. tattoo

military procession. I WISH we could’ve gotten to see it. Instead we just saw them erecting the seating for the event. That was pretty impressive.

We left the castle and made our way down the Royal Mile over to the Scot monument and tons of shops. It was beautiful 4 amazingsunny day. Everyone in Edinburgh walked around like they were in the middle of 100 degree weather. We soaked in the sun and sights and all the interesting performances on the square by the park and museums.

Scotland was so gorgeous. When I grow up I want to spend some major time in5 park the Ireland, Scotland, Northern England part of the world. The tour was great, but I want to be there for enough time to get it in my bones. I’m seriously in love with that part of the world.


We were scheduled to leave by night train that evening, so our wonderful guide scheduled us for a fun “Ghost Tale” walk with Adam Lyal. We made our way up the Royal Mile to to Witchery and met Adam. His fun tour was a combination of history and hilarity. We saw so much more of the area, learned about the history of witch executions and had more than a few laughs. 6 witchery

Emily was chosen as the witch in our group. She was a great sport!

Emily was chosen as the witch in our group. She was a great sport!

8 Adam Lyal 7 royal mile






At the end of the tour, it was time to head to the train station and the trip to London. This was the last thing I saw in Scotland. It sums up my thoughts perfectly:10 an appropriate end

The night train is always an adventure. It’s NOT comfortable, but it gets you from place to place while you’re sleeping, and honestly it’s better than international flying.  By this time my puny had turned into a cough. Ugh. I was ready to sleep no matter what. When we boarded the train Susan and I discovered our room was a handicap room, which gave us LOTS more space than everyone else in the group and put us right next to the bathroom. Everyone was jealous. A few minutes before the train left, we discovered our door wouldn’t latch. The porter told us we had to move rooms, and we were sad for about 10 seconds. Our room move:

11 upgrade

First Class. First Class on the night train means you have your own room and a blanket. It was awesome.

When I went to sleep I was happy. Coughing, but still happy. London was up next. I love London. Goodbye Scotland. I will return! #


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Gretna Green and Edinburgh

I don’t know when I first read a historical romance starring Gretna Green. When I found out we’d visit there on this trip, I was thrilled.

Gretna Green, Blacksmith's

Gretna Green, Blacksmith’s

The short stop was fun, but it was mainly for shopping.

I did get to take part in a whiskey tasting there, though. At that tasting I learned all whiskeys are not created equal. I’ll never be a whiskey drinker, but the sips I had there were amazing.



I thought this sculpture was perfect for the town.

After the short stop in Gretna Green, we were off to Edinburgh. It reminded me more of Paris than England or Ireland. That surprised me.

More like Paris than I expected

More like Paris than I expected

We went to dinner at Vito’s. We ate there both nights we were in town, and it was AMAZING!

One of the teachers on the trip wanted her students to try the local fare, so she ordered haggis. One of DH’s best friends from high school and college was on the trip. He was the only traveler from our town to try haggis. You can tell what he thought by the look on his face.Michael and Haggis

By the end of dinner, I started feeling puny. I didn’t realize it was the beginning of a cold from hell.

We stayed in a hostel in Edinburgh. It’s not an experience I want to repeat with students, but it wasn’t the end of the world either. Think camp when you’re a little kid. Those bunk beds that feel like you’re lying on plywood. That’s the hostel bed. BUT the rooms were clean, and they had their own shower/toilet…kind of like an RV bathroom. I was a little sad when I saw the IBIS hotel right across the street from us. I love IBIS.

But I wasn’t sad for long. We were in Edinburgh, how could I be sad?!

At Vito's in Edinburgh

At Vito’s in Edinburgh