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Expected But

Campuses are closed for the rest of the school year.

I knew that was coming. I agree with the governor’s decision. It’s the only right answer.

And still.

I can’t stop crying.

I can’t stop crying because I really love these kids and I can’t tell them. I can’t call on Teams and have a big mourning session for the end of the year.

I’ve learned I can’t write the words I want to say. Writing has always been the way I best communicate. But in a world where everything is in writing, I’ve lost my words.

I can’t hug the kids. I can’t fix this.

And we have to finish the yearbook.

My editors have worked so hard. Yearbook is fun at school. It’s not fun like this. It’s work with a purpose. It’s learning. But final deadline is not fun. It’s a necessity. And at school we get the payoff, the excitement, the other staffers, teacher support and kids support and admin support.

Now, these kids are doing all the hard without the payoff.

And it’s my job to fix that. It’s my job to find the fun. To figure out a way to celebrate and be a motivator and help them see the importance of what we do.

But I can’t because I can’t stop crying.

I don’t know how to do this.

I don’t want my beautiful editors to finish the year with a negative view of what we do. I don’t want to hurt them with my words. I want to build.

This really sucks.

That is all. Except

I miss school. This isn’t school. But it is what it has to be.

I miss peace and hope.

That’s gone too.

At least right now it is.

I was going to make some scones to eat my emotions, but the strawberries I planned on using are gone, so I can’t even do that.

I know I’ll get through this. I just wish I didn’t have to.

Living Deliberately

Maybe that headline is little too much, but I’m making a point to be a more aware of my time second semester.

It’s super easy to get caught in work and to live in the newsroom. I like it there. It’s fun. I like the kids. We do great work. The students like 80s music and will jump into a dance party on demand. I mean, yeah. It’s AWESOME.

But I need to reclaim my time. And they need to reclaim theirs.

Yes, after school deadlines are part of my world. No, staying after school every day is not healthy, wise or a good lesson for my kids.


I have a signup sheet on the table. If kids need to work after school outside of designated work nights or past the 30 minutes I’m always here, they have to sign up on Monday for the week. They can’t stay after Friday. We’ll see about Saturday mornings. They’re fun but they make the weekend short, and that’s not good for any of us.

This live deliberately goal will require all of us to plan better. It will also encourage us to do more outside the classroom.

I want my room to be vibrant and alive and exciting and fun. But I want us all to be healthy with the time we spend.

We’ll see how it works. 😊👩‍💻👏

An aside: you guys, Quest chips are LCHF heaven.

What I’m Loving: coffee, Diet Dr Pepper, these temperatures, Quest chips, LCHF, our yearbook cover, the scene I just wrote in my WIP, getting all my electrolytes in, the Daily Calm

What I’m Writing: So Much For Happily Ever After

Thank you, Lord!

1 week left in the deadline year from hell. Thank goodness for the last three days of last week, which were ridiculously long, but fun and inspirational because of the kids there working. Wish more would’ve been there, but, hey, the ones who were there, were rock stars. Hopefully after this week, life will revert to something resembling normal. Saturday I hope to march in the Save Texas Schools rally. Unfortunately, a lot of the general public thinks teachers get the same kind of benefits as regular state employees. They say things like “We pay in to our retirement and get matching from our employers, why shouldn’t you?” They miss the point that we PAY INTO TRS, and we earn crappy returns on that, AND we don’t get a Social Security option. They say we’re “part-time” employees because we get summers off, without taking into consideration that we’re paid for the months we work, but that pay is spread out over 12 months. That most teachers spend hours and hours at home or after hours in their schools working and never see a dime for that time, and most teachers don’t want to be compensated for that after hours time. They say, “shoot with all this technology, we don’t even need teachers anymore.” I teach some of the best and brightest students in my high performing school, and yet, I still have to reteach concepts on a regular basis. We have amazing discussions and debates over tough topics. A machine’s never taking the place of a real teacher. The end.
Texas teachers aren’t unionized. We haven’t broken the state. (Testing might have, but WE have not!) We’re public servants, and we, for the most part, love our jobs. Taking money out of our pockets isn’t going to fix the economy. It’s going to plunge the state into a very bad place. Not to mention what it will do to our students. I taught 3-yr-old choir one year. I had 10-15 lovelies every Wednesday. I can’t imagine classrooms of 4-6-yr-olds packed with 24+ children and teacher charged to TEACH not babysit. Yes, we have a constitutional obligation to stay in budget. So look at what we’re wasting money on and cut there. OR if it’s costing that much more to run the state, bite the bullet and RAISE taxes. AND hell-o AUstin, that Rainy Day Fund? It’s pouring outside. I think the word FLOOD comes to mind. Dip into the fund. We have it for emergencies. $27 billion short IS an emergency.

I survived!

newspaper deadline down, yearbook deadline to go. And somehow I’m going to survive DD’s lack of initiative where grades are concerned. I swear she’s the absolute opposite of me sometimes.
One day I’ll appreciate her stubborn nature. ahahaha


I noticed today one of the mood icons is high. Strange.
I decided to go with my next Intrigue wanna be since Intrigue’s running the log line contest. I’m going to try to have it done in time to enter the contest. Yikes.
I had a short synopsis done on it and a very rough first few scenes, but I’ve already tweaked the synopsis. I’m working on character charts right now. Getting their back story in my mind. What they look like. That kind of stuff. Making them real to me. I didn’t do that with my last Intrigue wanna be and I had a TON of revisions because of it. Hopefully this will help. I’m working on finding the unique in this story. The mystery is different but the romance is pretty typical. I don’t want to blend in with all the other submissions they get. I want mine to stick out. 🙂
If I could mix Karen Templeton’s voice with Julie Miller’s plotting ability and Suzanne McMinn’s romance building I think I’d be perfect. 🙂
For now I’ll just work on building a unique, memorable voice of my own and a darn good story.
It’s hell week for yearbook. UGH. But once it’s over, the bulk of the book is done. Woo Hoo! Between that and newspaper deadline, I hope I make it. It’s much easier to have my own deadlines than to be the facilitator of my student deadlines. But it’s good for them and for me. I’ll just keep telling myself that. 🙂


When I first started this journal, I swore I’d post on a daily basis. I said there was no way I would go days and days without posting because seriously, how hard is it to write a few words?
Boy did I find out.
This week exhaustion didn’t even begin to cover it. We met the big book deadline last week and it was time to kick into high gear for newspaper. For some reason the hours for this deadline were unlike anything I’ve done in years. And then when I got home it was the whole mom, wife thing. Figure out what’s for supper, make the supper, clean up a little, (VERY LITTLE), sit down for a minute and crawl into bed. I made it to the Y once. UGH!
And that’s all with one of my best friends in town from Arizona b/c she had a family funeral.
I definitely discovered how little time I had and how horrible I am at managing it. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t fun to come home at 6 or 7 and find out no one had a clue what to have for supper, but the meal we had planned wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t fun to hear about how the trip to NYC was expensive so no going out. (I swear, if that excusse is used again, I’ll sit at the table with my own plate of toast and go to bed before I fix dinner!) And it wasn’t fun to realize I still had to pack for my trip and my trip’s in the morning!
But what is fun is the knowledge that tomorrow I’m on vacation. And I’m staying on vacation for five days. ANd then, when I get back, it’s 4 more days of Spring Break. God, I need it. I hope to use this frustration and aggravation in a book one day. I guess we’ll see. Right now, I just want to pack and go to bed.