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The Battle of Little Big Living Room

I sat in dh’s chair, the chair that’s a tad too big, but super comfy and next to the remote. Somewhere in the back of mind is the crazy idea I should be cleaning house. Don’t ask where the idea comes from as I have NO earthly idea. Instead I keep flipping channels. Soaps. QVC. Home & Garden. Ah… here we go. NYPD Blue. Back in the day when Jimmy Smitz and Kim Dalaney were smoking up the sceen.
One Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and a scrumptious healthy soup lunch later I’m settling in for the love scene at the end of the show. Can we say chemistry?
Just as they’re getting to the good part a sparkle catches my eye.
I investigate.
A half full bag of Hershey’s Kisses, sitting beside my husband’s chair, waiting patiently to be eaten.
I ignore them and turn back to the TV. It’s a diaper commercial. 😦
The Kisses keep sparkling in their red and silver wrappers and I keep ignoring them at the same time I wonder what kind of super powers my darling dear possesses.
Another Diet Coke later and the love scene’s over. It’s on to Law and Order.
And I figure, what the heck. What’s one Kiss?
15 Kisses later the bag’s no longer half full. It’s pretty much empty. I know, I know. A half full bag of Kisses is not gone after 15. Who’s counting?
I’m blaming this on NYPD Blue. It was the love scene.