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Another Day

Walks help.

I knew that and I still didn’t do it for two weeks.

I started cleaning today. Most of my friends posted their cleanup photos back when this all started, but I was buried in yearbook. A week after I finished I decided to clean.

It doesn’t help my stress level, but it does help me feel better.

Someone I love posted a comment on my social media I had to delete. They said they weren’t wearing masks and called wearing one social psychosis. I figure if I google that I’ll find a million instances where propaganda outlets are posting those words. It’s just a shame. Facts don’t matter. Science doesn’t matter. 54,000 dead don’t matter. It’s unreal.

I listened to a book I loved. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires. Exactly what I needed to get through the rage I feel anytime i see people in large groups without masks.

This is such a weird time. I don’t know if I’ll read through these posts later, but if I do, I hope I read all the posts.

Last thing: a Houston TV station posted people can wear bananas as masks. They obviously meant bandanas. People are having fun with it, but I’m freaking out wondering about the mess ups that will be in this year’s yearbook. The reason I’m worried: when I saw the Houston mistake, I read BANDANA. I didn’t see the mistake. 😬🙀🙈

Breaks Are Easy

I love that winter break has so many days after Christmas this year. Before Christmas and right after things are always so busy. This extra time gives tons of space for rest and binge watching Beachfront Bargain Hunters. 😊

I’ve learned so much about me this year, some completely unexpected and not all of it what I wanted.

But that’s okay.

One of the most important things I’ve learned since starting meditation: tilting my lips up in a slight smile creates a positive physical response. For real. There’s this little ball of positivity that goes through my face and neck and settles in my chest. It’s so weird.

It’s easy to tilt my lips up when I’m mid-break. I know that. It will be interesting to see how it goes during the school year.

One thing I know for sure: I need meditation in my life.

What I’m reading: Atomic Habits

What I’m writing: So Much for Happily Ever After

What I’m loving: STILL DoTERRA On Guard mouthwash (no really! You should try it!), the Dallas Stars, HGTV, LCHF eating

Guest Blogging at http://www.janetkbrown.com

writing as Mary Beth Lee and Elizabeth Lee.

I’m over at Janet K Brown’s blog today talking about writing, my current release Letting Go, and self-publishing. I’d love to have some friends stop by. If you have questions about writing, self-publishing, the education world today, holding on to the dream, or pretty much anything, come on over! ###

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Social Media Extravaganza

Or maybe just social media with a friend at Starbucks. Christian Young Adult and Romance author Janet Brown is learning about social media with me today. You can check out her website here. If you have any awesome suggestions, feel free to share. I’m a Mac, she’s a PC, this is going to be fun. 🙂