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Maybe the key is just not talking about it!

Tonight’s writing was TOUGH! I write a scene I think is important. It needs a lot more development, but I moved on to the next part. Blah. Poor Addison. She’s torn between two boys, her mom, her step-mom, her life as it was and as it’s becoming.
Sharlene’s was way under developed tonight. She’s not nice, and she lost her edge.
I really need to work on that!
We finished the yearbook today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really finished. Several scores didn’t make the book, but the deadline had passed. We couldn’t hold the pages any more. Makes me sad. Hopefully, the folders I’ll give out will fix that next year.
I’m feeling blah after tonight’s writing, even though it was 1000 words. I need to find my positive energy. I know it’ll come back as long as I keep working.

Maybe the real problem is I was reading this awesome book that ended up not so awesome. The writer went with the whole rape fantasy thing. I wasn’t expecting it, and I’m not a fan. In fact, I really, really have a problem with the whole no means yes thing.
Hate when I waste my time reading. It doesn’t happen often.

Winter Weather Watch…AGAIN

As I write this TWC is predicting a significant weather event Thursday. My new mantra:
snow, snow, go away, don’t come back any day.

I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. I can’t drive in snow and ice. I don’t have clothes for snow and ice. 30 degrees is too cold. I think they should cancel school for flurries. I don’t like snowmen or snow angels or ice skating or snow ice cream. I do like to wear hats, but I can do that without snow. I don’t even think I like the song about all the snowflakes turning into candy bars and milkshakes. And I used to love that song. But now it just gives me the shiverees and not the good kind.

Snow: Booo. Go away. Thanks.