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I’m so, I’m so, I’m so scared! Teacher Fear’s Good for the Soul

I never planned on being a video teacher. I’m a print girl. I think I must’ve been born a print girl. I love the scent of newsprint. I kind of miss the days of lightboards and cut and paste and giant layout sheets and headline counts. The smell of the newsroom with a press is second only to the scent of a library.  Video: Not so much.

I mean I understand photo composition. I understand the art of story. I don’t understand video. But I know that’s the direction media is moving. Print alone no longer works. We live in the age of convergence.

For three years I’ve cheated as a video teacher. I’ve learned editing, and I’ve helped kids learn how to create a project with a beginning, middle and end that doesn’t violate copyright. BUT if you asked me the “rules” of broadcast, I couldn’t tell you. Thanks to JEA National conference and Don Goble, the Ladue Horton Watkins High School teacher, that’s changing.

I’m kind of terrified.

I told the kids we’re going to learn together. Back when I started teaching this wasn’t a problem. I learned newspaper and yearbook with my kids, and honestly, I still do. Shoot, my first yearbook editors taught me everything because I knew nothing. I don’t know why it’s so scary this time. Maybe because words are my forte, so yearbook and newspaper fit my image of me.

So, yeah, I’m going to learn with the kids. And we’re going to share every step of the way. Our first lesson: A 30 second intro to Room 247. The focus is on wide, medium and tight shots, lighting, backgrounds and actions and reactions. Most students are using the trailer feature of iMovie. We’re sharing our work Thursday and Friday. We’re sharing. As in I’m sharing mine too. THAT’s what scares me. Usually when I share my work, I know it’s solid. Often the kids can make it better, but as a whole it’s good. THIS is different. When we talk about what they like and what they don’t like and what could be better and suggest how to make it so, I’m not the one with the answers. I’ll be finding the answers right along with them.

I’ve never been the “sage on the stage” kind of teacher. I believe strongly that if we’re teachers we should also be students. Good thing.:)

Mrs. Lee’s A/V Pro class, room 247. This is going to be fun. #

Extra Credit to anyone who knows where the title of this blog came from. #