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Today’s writing day was incredible. BUT I didn’t do what I promised myself. I didn’t take it easy, and now I’m blogging after icing down the arm. That is not okay.

But I get into the story and I just get lost in it. Until I look up and two hours have gone by and I haven’t stopped to even get a drink.

I’m going to have to start setting a time or something.


I’ve had a few questions about the book. I’m not sharing yet because I learned a long time ago that I can’t talk about the story or I lose the push to write it.  I don’t know why, but that’s the way my writer brain works.

I know some people can talk out their stories and actually end up with a better book. Not me.

Of course some people can’t write to music with words, and I write better to music with words. I’m having so much fun listening to new music while I write. Loving all the strong women anthems in the country world. Thank goodness for spotify and the Nashville soundtracks.

It’s going to get cold again this week. I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate that!

I’m ready for spring.


Prayers and positive healing thoughts for my mom, please. She went to the doctor Friday and got diagnosed with pink eye. Today she went to the ER because it hurt so bad. The doctor took one look at her eye and said that’s not pink eye. He did some tests and found a scratch on her cornea. He ordered her to go to an ophthalmologist first thing tomorrow and gave her eye drops to use every hour for twelve hours then every two for twelve more hours. I’m not a fan of our ER docs because none of them in town are in network for BCBS. They refused to accept the terms of the insurance company about four years ago, and that’s never been resolved. BUT I sure am thankful for them when they’re needed. Those of us with BCBS can just pay $5 a month on our bills until they’re paid off.


P.S. WAY to go Jr. That was one heck of an end to the race. #NASCAR fan for life even though I only got to watch the last 30 laps since it was on during prime writing time because of the rain delay.