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Dear DD

How’d that happen?
It seems like only yesterday you were a baby blowing bubbles in the car seat while we drove back to Burk or jumping on your bed trying to reach the Dalmatian stickers on your wall. It seems like I was typing away on that Romeo and Juliet paper yesterday! You know the one, I heard a noise, pushed open your door and found you in the vaporizer with your Barbies. You said you were swimming. You were three, but you’d figured out that you needed to push your blanket against the door so I couldn’t see your light.
It was last week that you were skating or playing putt putt or getting Kim to cut the crusts off your sandwich.
Wasn’t it last month that we were signing up for your first schedule at Rider and you were telling me something about wanting to take photos for the yearbook?
How is it possible that you are the beautiful, composed young woman who turned 21 today?
I love you. Don’t ever forget.