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You Gotta Have Faith

Photo by Randy Adams used via creative commons license. Link at end of post.

A few years ago one of our small group members, Sandra, talked to us about faith. She said when her husband lost his job in OKC, they had absolute faith that God would get them through the tough times. They ended up here where their children grew up in great schools with great friends. She said it wasn’t easy, but they constantly told themselves that God was in control. Thank GOD, because I’m not sure how I would’ve survived the last several years without Sandra and Gerald! Last year two of our friends said they were going on a mission trip to Panama, and they were going to raise all the money to do so. The last month they still had a ways to go, but they never lost faith. Sure enough, by the end they raised every bit of money they needed. People like Bonnie and Justin teach me so much! It’s so hard sometimes to trust God. Let Go and Let God seems easy. It’s not.  Two years ago we almost bought a house. We didn’t love the house, but we liked it all right. We went to the bank, got approved to make an offer, but when we got home 10 minutes later, we had a message from the lending officer. They’d changed their minds. The realtor suggested we go to another bank, but the whole thing struck me as odd. DH and I decided the bank’s reversal had to be a God thing. Then last year’s summer from Hades with over 100 100-degree days and the months-long drought dried up all the Lee’s Total Lawn Care business. Had we bought the house we thought we wanted then, last year would have been an incredibly tough year financially. But God’s no then wasn’t really a no. It was a wait. This year we’re looking at house plans to build during the winter. It’s scary to make that kind of investment, but when I think back over the last few years of Dave Ramsey and prayer, I have faith things will work out exactly as they’re supposed to.###

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Last night my small group at church watched this awesome video called Rain. The entire session was about trusting God in difficult times. You know, I’m really good at saying the words, but actually DOING it, that’s another thing altogether. An awful lot of the time I find myself wondering if God has a clue. Or I want to tell Him He might have a plan, but I think His plan is messed up. So that whole trusting God in difficult times isn’t exactly my strong suit.
After the meeting, we were sitting around talking. Verbalizing our goals for the group. Where we’d like to see us next year. Our leader said he wanted us to really know each other. He asked about our likes and dislikes. That kind of stuff. When I told the group I wanted to be a published romance author, they were shocked, and that shocked me! I’ve been in small group with this group of people since last January. How could they not know that about me? It goes back to the whole speak and it shall be. I hadn’t shared that part of me even though it’s a huge part of who I am.
Definitely something to think about.