Daily Archives: May 4, 2020

Researching Vote By Mail

So far I’ve researched Colorado and Oregon.

Washington is next.

I started my research after reading how many people is Wisconsin have COVID after voting in person or working the polls in their election. They tried to do something other than in-person voting but the Supreme Court ruled it was too late and they had to go if they wanted to vote.

My immediate response was vote-by-mail, arranging it now so the late timeline isn’t an issue, is the answer to voting in the time of COVId.

But, I’m a recovering conservative, and I’ve had years of training on why vote-by-mail is a bad idea.

So I decided to research. Find facts that aren’t tied to partisan sources.

And it has been so much fun. I swear I could spend ALL day doing this and never get tired of it.

Right now I’m researching basic facts. I’ll start looking at questions and concerns after that.

The research is on my Facebook page. I’ll add it here too once I look at Washington.

One of the biggest thing this has done is give my brain a way to get super focused and not stay freaked out over COVID.

I had to go to Target today. Maybe three other customers were wearing masks. Groups of people walking around like this is no big deal.


You know, these people are going to keep us out of school again. They’re going to land us at 3k deaths a day. I just don’t get it.

But researching vote-by-mail is helping me not totally lose it at all that.

I was in a real bad place last week. I can’t let myself go there again. This will help.