No, Dan Patrick You Evil Spawn of Satan

Dan Patrick saying grandparents are willing to die to save the economy is where we are. He’s not alone. It’s all over the Internet. Right wing nuts saying let the old people die and keep the economy going.

Jesus Lord God. What is wrong with these people?

When this whole thing started, right wing nuts like evil Dan Patrick and Donald Trump called Coronavirus political. Someone please buy these bozos a science book and a history book and tell them to shut the hell up.

The problem now is every response feels political. It shouldn’t, but it does because anyone with a brain listens to these guys, watches their non-actions, and says “what the heck are you guys smokin?”

In a few years I’m going to look back on this post and I swear to God I hope I’m able to laugh at the idiots that talked themselves out of power because they are killing the earth, killing the middle class and NOW they want senior citizens to sacrifice themselves and they want Americans back at work, no more trying to control the nightmare that’s coming. And really, really?! Why don’t they bother to read some damn reports that will show it’s not just senior citizens dying and we can stave all this off by flattening the curve and staying home?

There are whole histories written about this because hello, idiots, Coronavirus is NOT the first pandemic and SCIENCE works.

Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

I was so furious when we drove into my hometown and people were partying it up in the hours before Abbott shut it all down at midnight. People like Patrick and our current President are totally cool with this virus killing millions. It’s just the price of doing business.

Elections have consequences, folks. We’re going to pay a big one for Trump. He’s not a Republican. I don’t know what he and Dan Patrick and the rest of the people calling for this are, but this is not normal.


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