March For Our Lives

A first this week. A disturbing first.

I woke up terrified after a school shooting nightmare.

It feels stupid to even write those words. A nightmare. Big deal, MB. Not real. Deadline brain causing chaos. Do some meditation and let that nonsense go.


It felt so real. And awful.

Again, nightmare. Not real. Ridiculous when seen in the shadows of the thousands of kids and teachers who haven’t had the luxury of waking up to escape that awful reality.

In the midst of my nightmare, I processed that for me it wasn’t real. I don’t understand the science of dreams, but I was able to tell myself to wake up so the nightmare would stop.

After, I lay there in my bed staring at the ceiling with that awful sense of dread coupled with the knowledge that it was all a dream so the emotions weren’t real.

But they are real.

They’re real because it seems like every day there’s a new story, a new horror, a new nightmare that won’t stop because as a nation we refuse to say enough.

But that’s changing.

I’m working today so I can’t join the March For Our Lives. But I’m there with the marchers. My voice is loud, my voice is clear.

We don’t want to take away the second amendment, but enough is enough.

It’s time for common sense gun regulation.

No more assault-style weapons owned by the general populace. We don’t need weapons of war in our gun safes because they’re fun to shoot. And you’re not going to take on the entire US military with your personal stash of guns and ammunition.

We need to end the days where an 18 year old can walk into a gun store and buy assault style weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition and then shoot people in a school, a church, a mall, a movie theater.

I’m not a gun expert, but I am a teacher, and enough is enough.

Today thousands will March For Our Lives.

It’s time.

Enough is enough.

2 responses to “March For Our Lives

  1. Far more many teens are being killed by texting while driving. Suicide is the #2 killer of teens. Personally, I think those two items deserve much more attention because they are far more deadly.

    The problem with violence is not a problem of the tool. A sword (illegal to carry in many places but still prevalent) can be just as deadly without the bang. In China they had an instance of 30 being killed by a man with a knife. I do not think it is the tool that is the problem. If the young man had spent his money on a pistol instead of a long gun, he likely would have been more deadly. The ammo is lighter and smaller so he could have carried more. The weapon easier to use and more loaded magazines could have been carried.

    It is the evil which seems to be growing in our country for perhaps several different reasons. Perhaps if the media would cover the teen deaths in Chicago which are due to violence like they do the rest of the country, I would trust the medias coverage. But, they are looking for the sensational story to sell news-time and draw viewers and readers. Chicago is old news, I suppose. Yet, the problem goes far beyond guns and their accessibility. We are in a very, very disturbing time in our society.

    Not only do we have the newer form of violence in the armed home intrusions for criminal activity, we have a religion which states itself to be a religion of peace which is extremely violent and is trying to expand via conquest as it has since it inception under a pedophile called the last prophet of God, Mohammed. I am very concerned for my Muslim friends and acquaintances that could get caught up in violence associated with their religion…and they have been nothing but peaceable. But, we have been attacked as a nation by that destructive philosophy and many have tried to spread its terrorism within our country – so naturally a lot of us want the ability to respond to violence at our doorstep with the only force that will stop an evil person trying to commit violent acts towards our family or those close to us. Unfortunately, as in Broward County, FL, the police will not always on the scene within the 15 seconds we need them to protect us in our homes or other locations we may be.

    I share your concern for violence and violent death, just not the tool used to do it. Look at what the bomber in Austin did with simple stuff purchased through regular retail. And had the Florida kid had a fascination with with explosives rather than guns, it could have been much deadlier with similar stuff that the Austin psychopath used.

    Historically, when people have been disarmed, it has been to their being placed under more government control and often that has lead to a despotic government assuming control. And why that is why we have the Second Amendment.

    Something needs done. But, it is a moral issue. I wish I was better at stating it. Restricting firearms will not even be a temporary fix. Personally, I trust the day will come when firearm restrictions will never be needed. I just do not see it happening with humans controlling government. That truly is a God-sized task. It will come, but not in a manner supposed by people. As the song says, “There will be a day…”

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