The Night Before

On this night before the inauguration of Donald Trump, I sit here after reading the news, the real news, and I worry.

Yes, tomorrow Mr. Trump will become President Trump. We have a process in this country, and the people spoke. 

I can go through the litany of reasons for why I worry, but I don’t need to. The reasons are many, and they came from Trump’s mouth throughout the campaign and in the days since.

I hope someone takes Trump’s phone away. Or even better, I hope HE puts the phone away. The end of the unpresidential tweet storms would be a good start. 

I hope my worry is completely misplaced. That my friends who say they voted for the businessman because we need that kind of leadership right now are right. I sincerely hope Mr. Trump’s words prove to be electioneering, and I hope from the moment he is sworn into office we see a different kind of Trump. A Presidential Trump.

There’s a Facebook post that has been making the rounds since election night. It basically says hoping from Trump to fail is like cutting off your nose to spite your face, and that is so, so true.

I honestly don’t know anyone who hopes Trump fails. Everyone I know is either on their knees in prayer or sending positive light and energy Trump’s way in the hope that our fears prove unfounded.

The thing is, so far it’s looking pretty grim. Many of the cabinet nominees make no sense.  The Russian hacks and current investigations followed by the Putin praise is more than unsettling, it’s downright scary. The press conference the other day has me trembling in my shoes, especially with the way so many people I know were quick to defend the accusation that CNN was fake news. 

The last eight years of the constant anti-Obama attacks, often from real fake news outlets, have left people I know and love fearful of everything from President Obama staging a coup and refusing to relinquish power to President Obama setting up death panels to kill off senior citizens. These fears were based on nothing real, but people believed them. And now those same people DON’T believe NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN. That’s terrifying. 

How did we get here? (Rhetorical. I know how.)

Tomorrow, I know we will see a peaceful transition of power, and it will be a symbol to the world that our nation is still great.

I won’t rejoice at the man who is taking the office, though. 

I’ve seen a lot of people say we need to stop paying attention to all the political junk in the news. To them I say, no. Now is the time we must be more aware than ever. The man’s words do matter. The man’s conduct does matter. The man’s promises do matter. 

Mr. Trump will be the President tomorrow, but  if you do not agree with his words, his actions, his policies, silence and acceptance are NOT the answers. Apathy is NOT the answer. 

The first amendment exists for a reason. 

And our government is of the people, for the people. Winning an election does not make you God, it does not make you right. 

The President of the United States is one of the most powerful people on earth. The citizens of this country must hold that person accountable for words and deeds.

And so tomorrow I will be praying for our nation and the rest of the world. It’s the beginning. Hopefully it’s not the beginning of the end.


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