Always Never Always

I write to music. Usually metal, orchestral metal or hard rock. The music I write to has words, but I don’t hear them. I hear the beat and write like the wind…sometimes.

When Ozzy starts singing or Jillian’s  (Within Temptation)  voice breaks over a heavy guitar riff or Angtoria’s Wise Woman sounds, I write fast.

It’s just how I do things.

I revise to Spaghetti Western soundtracks, Yo Yo Ma and other soft music with attitude.

It’s just how I do things.

I write best by using a combination of Fast Draft, rewrite, write as fast as you can, first three chapter hell and beats. I didn’t know they were called beats until I started listening to The Self Publishing Formula podcast. And then I revise, send to beta readers and revise and revise and send to an editor and edit. And then I publish.

This is my system. It works for me when I work it. I quit working it for awhile, but I’m back now.

I’m posting this because this week I’ve seen and heard several absolutes when it comes to writing. I’m not the self publishing expert or even the “write this way” expert, but I do know this: if someone says always do this or this is the only thing that works, they’re wrong.

Except sometimes they’re right. Because when they say the answer to writing is sitting at the computer or on your phone or tablet and writing, they are right. That’s the number one key.

But when they say you must use Story Magic, or the Snowflake Method, or Plot Stormers, or the blob, or Fast Draft, or 5k a Day! or any other method, they’re wrong. Those are tools, and maybe you fall in love with one of them and use it, but maybe you hate it too.

There is no magic formula for writing a book. You’ve got to find your own formula. And you do that by writing.

Want to write? Write. 

Study the craft, listen to podcasts, read Stephen King’s On Writing, study the structure of your favorite author’s work, check out The Gotham City Writers character worksheets, join a writing group (I highly recommend Romance Writers of America). Do all of that. But above all write. Find your method. Repeat.

*A message to myself and others like me.  

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