The first step to improving is to FACE THE UGLY TRUTHS.

I do not do well with this one. Not in my job, not in my life. Ugly truths make me hurt inside. They rip my heart up. I take them personally even if they’re not directed at me. That is so weird. I know it.

Today I had an ugly truth meeting. It has me in a bitter mood and makes me feel hopeless. The meeting was not about me. It doesn’t matter. I feel dark inside and outside. 

It’s so dumb.

Maybe it’s menopause.

Or maybe it’s the ugly truth meeting I had with a trainer last night. The ugly truth of that: I can have a trainer for five sessions but that’s it because dang, their expertise is expensive.

As he said: training is an investment. But honestly, on my priority list it’s below a new car, a new computer and travel. Maybe that will change. Or maybe the truths weren’t ugly enough. (No, Universe, that is not a challenge.)

Maybe it’s just the cold and the snow falling despite my weather app’s 0% chance of snow.

Maybe I just need Starbucks.

It’s a good thing it’s the weekend. I need it.

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