In the early 90s I was a single mom going to college. Because I worked and got scholarships I had to fight for stuff like food stamps. Day care was crazy expensive. Enter United Way and the Wichita Falls YMCA. I volunteered one day a week and they took care of Katie’s day care expense. 

There’s no way I’d be a teacher today without help from those two organizations.

When I started teaching I joined the Y. That was a long time ago. Today I cancelled the membership because we’ve moved. I didn’t expect that cancellation to make me emotional, but it did. At first I was shocked by the tears, but then I remembered all the Y has been to me over the years, and I get it.

It wasn’t just Zumba and water aerobics and the elliptical and that walking track. All of that was great, but the Y literally changed my life. 

I’m going to miss it. Glad they said I can visit when I’m in town. ❤


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