Toothbrush War

It started with a Black Friday ad from Amazon  on my Facebook, which I spend entirely too much time on.

Okay, not exactly.

It started with my tight teeth and the fact that when I try to floss, I can’t. 

AND somehow Amazon Magic and the Facebook gods know this about me even though I never talk about it.

I could not resist the Sonic Care toothbrush and water pic…or is it pik…or is is pick… (oh hey, it’s actually waterpic! Yay pictures!)

Whatever it is, I could not resist.

Especially not at such a huge savings.

So there it sat on my kitchen cabinet for a week. Until two nights ago when I mustered the courage to assemble to product and read the directions.

And so this morning my bathroom looked like I’d taken part in some kind of nightmare- induced water gun fight AND my neighbors probably think I’ve invested in a new hobby called drills are fun.

Facebook gods and Amazon Magic, you are just too funny.

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