An Open Letter

We have to move on.The election is over. Trump won. Everyone who voted for him isn’t a racist misogynist. A lot of people who voted for him are just Republicans. The normal kind who want small government (except where uteruses are concerned and Rock Star Jesus–not to be confused with real Jesus). Some are Republicans, the fiscal kind–the often don’t care about uteruses and RSJ. They just want to see big dividends. Some of them are the ones who always vote the anti-abortion ticket…no matter what. Some are the ones who always vote R, no matter what because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

You can be mad, sad, angry. 

But it’s over.

Be mad. But go do something: volunteer at your local political office, a ministry, a community organization that supports your causes. Fundraise for them. Post articles with facts about the things important to you. Engage in dialogue, real dialogue, not diatribe.

You know people who voted R. You love people who voted R. They are not your enemy.

Did this election bring out White Nationalism? You bet it did. And you know what? That’s a good thing. It was already there, seething, waiting for a chance to spring out and say ha! Take that country who voted for Obama twice.

Now we know it’s there in all its ugliness. When you see the ugly, you can address it for real. But you can’t lump every Republican in one big pile and call them equal. That is wrong.

We have a democratic process. Trump won. We’ve got four years to work on that.

But we also have months to work on local elections and state elections. It’s not just about DC.

One more thing: over the last couple years I’ve seen a constant bombardment of misinformation out there with the sole purpose of scaring the crap out of our baby boomers. Don’t be part of the problem. Fact check with real sources. This is not just an R problem.

One more thing. We are the United States. What happens next depends on us. All of us.

Yes, Trump/Pence get to nominate a Supreme Court Justice (hopefully just one). That sucks. But that’s the system (unless the R’s control the system and lock out all nominees). Yes, they get to jack with the programs we think make our lives better. That’s the system. Want to change things? Change the next election. We don’t do that by calling our loved ones racists.


One response to “An Open Letter

  1. While I disagree with you about the “white nationalism” thing and the uterus issue, I totally agree with you on everything else. I see mainstream America – the fly-over, non-metropolitan America – as being fed up with the eroding of meaningful action in D.C. Trump played that tune well and so many Americans like the idea of cleaning Washington D.C. out so well that he won. Me? I voted for the platform I could support and have been against the abortion of viable human life since 1974. Yes, every person needs to have control of their own medical issues without some government board sitting to discern who is worthy of saving and who is not such as is going on now under the Affordable Healthcare Act. (The choice is before a child is conceived.) So I cannot support the Democratic Party. I seriously choke on that. Perhaps the biggest driving factor on my vote was that I have seen Hillary for who she really is for so long I would not vote for her if she were Republican!
    It is not upon us now to debate the question of abortion, but I must explain it as I see it. You may see it different. But, all human life is sacred and even assisted suicide is wrong in my thinking. All life is sacred and it should be with reverence to that life that we even partake of our daily meals, thanking God for his provision and realizing that for us to live, we rely upon that life being shared with us. And this is an attitude I carry while hunting and gardening – and shooting those pesky squirrels out of my pecan tree! Life is sacred.
    Love you! Always have! Always will!
    See, people! You can still disagree on MAJOR issues and love each other – love like this knows no constraints!

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