Love Wins…?

While a lot of people had all day to process the results of the election, I had to put my emotions away and work with kids who have the right to go to class without the journalism teacher telling them how to think politically. On the way home I was overcome with sadness. The grief was real and it wasn’t because the Republicans won.

It was because Trump won. 

It was because you can say all day that it’s about politics, but to listen to the man speak throughout this election proved it was about so much more. 

The election is over, and I hurt.

I hurt for my friends of the Muslim faith who have been equated to terrorists, for the people who have been victims of sexual assault at the hands of men who felt it was their right to take what they wanted, for people from Mexico, Central and South America who have heard “Build the wall” shouted out randomly by people who think they’re being funny. I hurt for my friends and loved ones in the LGBTQ+ community who have to fight for acceptance every day and have had to fight harder this last year. I hurt for every woman who has ever been openly rated and scored for no other reason than her physical beauty by the men in her life. 

I hurt for the representation that Trump was somehow the Jesus candidate. I hurt because people said time and again “they’re just words” and stop being so “politically correct.” 

I hurt.

I hurt for a nation suffering so much that they were willing to risk it all on the chance that maybe Trump and his “I can save you” mentality actually can do better than what we’ve had my entire lifetime.

All that said, through the tears I’m shedding while writing this post, through the pain in my throat and the cannonball of dread in my stomach, all that said, I still believe in my country and the system we have that allows the democratic election of the person to lead the United States. 
I believe love trumps hate. And I believe when it comes down to it, the people of this country WANT to work together. 

I pray this hurt will ease. I hope my fears for a Trump presidency will prove to be as ridiculous as my friends who voted for Trump have told me they are. I haven’t heard Trump’s speech today, but I read the highlights, and that’s a start.
Is it time for reconciliation? Yes.
Is it time for healing? Yes.

Is it okay that I hurt? Yes.


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