We need fun too

I have this problem.

As an adviser, I forget to have fun. 

I’m so focused on deadline, deadline, deadline I forgot to play games and be silly with the kids sometimes. 

We need fun too.

The class is too hard without it. I know that, but still, I forget.

This week was senior week and organizations decorated game walls to transform the school hallways as a tribute to the seniors. Super cool idea, but yearbook didn’t have a game wall because we’re on deadline and with seven kids, missing a deadline is disasterous.

Flash forward to yesterday when one of the kids came in before school and said, hey, I know, there are four of us and Trouble has four colors. We should be “Nothing but Trouble.”

I said sure, do it! 

So she started.

But she wasn’t done. When class began second period she asked if she could keep working, and I was faced with a decision.

Do the work because we’re on deadline, or do the fun because this is high school and fun is important to building a team.

I almost said no, deadline first.

But I didn’t.

Most of the kids kept working on deadline, but the few who built the game wall worked hard  today, and I think they’ll still finish. The ones who worked had fun watching their friends build the Trouble game.

Lesson learned.

Fun is important. Super important. I need to remember that.

Senior yearbook staff



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