The End of October

The end of October hurts. It just does. I’ve written this before, and I probably will again. The weight of kids making choices that end in disaster makes it hard to breathe sometime. 

In the spring yearbook delivery world it’s deadline time. 

Nine weeks in and tutorial sessions are in full swing. Phones are a constant battle, headphones are everywhere. “Focus” is the favorite word. “If you can hear my voice, raise your hand” the favorite phrase.

It feels like time is flying fast and inching along at the same time.

Lists and more lists and more lists clutter two used reporter’s notebooks, the notes app on my phone, the napkin from a restaurant.

It’s cold some mornings and sweltering by time to leave school. Allergies are crazy.

Sun up, down down hours.

Absences in the classroom abound.

The end of October can overwhelm me if I let it. I know if I’m feeling it, my students are too.

Today I have a simple prayer: help me help them. Help me remember to treat others as I wish to be treated. Help me stay calm in the chaos. Help me be a light.

And help me remember, the end of October is always like this. And it’s always okay.

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