AA Center and Life Change

Last March I walked into the AA Center with DH ready to cheer on the Dallas Stars. I was winded and hurting and when I tried to sit in the seat it was more like squeezing into a pair of Spanx while sweaty.

Embarrassed, no, that’s too nice a word. Mortified, I looked around and tried to hide my tears. Was I the biggest person on my row? Was I the only one experiencing this? It was worse than an airplane seat. Surely I wasn’t That Big.

That night I weighed myself for the first time in a year. And then I cried.

This time the crying was different. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t with my girlfriends. I was with DH. We’ve been together since 1990. He knows my weight struggle and my many sizes in one closet. But this was the first time he’d seen me hurting over the thing that has always hurt me.

It was a moment of awful and a moment of dedication to change.

Since that day I’ve lost 40 pounds. We’re at a Stars game and I fit in the seat just fine. I still have a long way to go, but I’m on the path to a healthy BMI. 

In a way I guess I have the Dallas Stars to thank for that. 😊

Really I have DH and his unwavering support and l the LCHF and Atkins groups on Facebook. 

It’s the beginning of hockey season. My goal is to be a healthy BMI by playoffs. I’ll keep you posted. 

One response to “AA Center and Life Change

  1. I follow the 12 steps. God directs our weight loss especially when we need it mos.

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