Stop That Right Now!

I logged on to social media at 6 p.m. expecting to catch up with friends. Instead my Facebook was filled with so much negativity I thought about going on a Facebook fast until after the election.

I know so many people who post comments and want to engage in lovely respectful debate. I love that kind of thing. I try to do that on my page. I know several of my friends and loved ones have polar opposite political viewpoints, and I thank God we can debate without falling into the trap of angry diatribe.

But what I saw tonight on post after post was so rude, so hateful, so…sad, it drove me to my blog to put my thoughts down.

Here’s the deal: don’t go butting in on someone’s wall telling them how they’re wrong unless you know the person wants a lively debate there. Write your thoughts on YOUR wall instead. 

If you just can’t help yourself, be respectful. But really, you CAN help yourself. It’s easy. You just click away from that person’s post. And if they’re constantly driving you crazy with their posts you totally disagree with, go to that little upside down triangle and unfollow the person. At least until after the election is over: click, done. Two steps.

Here’s the deal: you’re not changing anyone’s opinion on Facebook. It’s just not going to happen. 

Now, if the person posts and invites your comments, totally different.

But even then keep it respectful. 

Because all this anger isn’t good for anyone.

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