Identity Crisis

Yesterday started my first yearbook workshop as a Ranger. Not gonna lie, I experienced a bit of an identity crisis. I don’t know that I’ve ever been at this point of the year with a blank slate as far as yearbook goes. In case you didn’t know, that’s where yearbook starts. Blank screens, blank paper. No font, no shape, no words. Nothing.

At Rider helping kids come up with theme was always easy. I knew Rider inside and out. I felt Rider. I lived ROHO Nation.

Ranger Pride is new. It’s something I’ve felt from the first moments of my interview with the principal, and something that’s grown exponentially over the six weeks I’ve been in the district. But it’s still new.

Yesterday was tough.

But then the Walsworth coaches challenged my kids to look deeper, go beyond. And let me tell you about these kids. There are three of them with me. Three amazing, wonderful, creative kids who’ve never done yearbook and have spent the last few weeks learning InDesign, theme development, basic photo AND helped run picture day. They are awesome. 

Like our school.

And so here we are. Saturday. Still no theme. But we’re close. And today, I feel it. Ranger Pride. 

Today we’ll get there. I know it. And Monday, when they share their work with their staff of nine, everything changes.

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