Shockwave and Water: ack!

A million moons ago I was sitting in a journalism adviser training with the other advisers in my district when one asked if I knew what update your Shockwave meant.I looked at her confused and said yes. It means update your Shockwave.
I could see the steam rolling off her at my words. The other adviser laughed a little and said “well, that was a smart aleck answer.”

Even more confused but now mortified also I apologized. And repeated, “but no, really, you just update the Shockwave.”
I didn’t understand the teacher’s question. She didn’t need me to say “update the shockwave” because she didn’t understand update or Shockwave. My answer wasn’t helpful at all because she didn’t understand what the computer was even asking her to do.
Kind of like me and the One Note/One Drive student/teacher collaboration space I’m trying to learn. 
I watched a YouTube video. Didn’t help. I did a tutorial. Didn’t help. I googled. Nope. 

Part of me said fine, I’m just going back to Google Drive. I know it and love it.
But the other part said simmer down there, Mary Beth. Figure it out. 

Hours later, I think I might have figured it out. We’ll see when the kids open up their first major assignment revision notes tomorrow. If they see lots of comments, yay! If not, I might cry. 

It’s kind of good this is going on. This is my Shockwave. The students are in the middle of learning news writing. They’ve never heard words like lead, transition and indirect quote. They look at me in stunned silence when I say they need to make sure the story flows from transition to quote or that their quote need to elaborate on what preceding them.

One boy even put the word water on his inverted pyramid quiz. Water. Because it flows. But that’s about all he’s got…so far.

And that’s what I feel when I’m looking at a shared story that won’t open in my shared Word space on my One Note.
Water. Or shockwave. Or WHAT THE HECK, man?!!!

I’ll figure it out. I hope!

And I hope the kids get news writing. I hope.

Shockwave. Haven’t thought of that in a long, long time. (I don’t miss Pagemaker. Not even a little bit.)

There’s some water in this picture I took in Sulphur, OK last year, so it fits.

One response to “Shockwave and Water: ack!

  1. I see you are getting techie on us! LOL!

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