Two Weeks

Move all at once. That’s what our insurance agent told us.

You’ll be tempted to take a little down at a time. Don’t do it, he said. 

Aug. 10th we totally ignored him and moved a little over half our house into the aprtment. And it was okay. Brian is still at home because the house is still on the market and he’s going back and forth to Lawton. He needs stuff too!

Every weekend I’ve made the trek back to the Falls and then made my way with a car load of boxes and bags back to the apartment on Sunday.

Last week it was Monday. And Monday night as I was unloading boxes, the real estate agent called. We got on offer on the house.

Tuesday night we had a signed contract. (It’s a contingency contract, so hopefully it’s smooth sailing.)

In two weeks if everything goes as expected, my husband and dog will be with me in Ft. Worth and life will feel a little more normal. 

Today felt bittersweet as I loaded the car up with more boxes. I love my house. But we have the plans. We can build it again some day. 😊

Two weeks. I can’t wait.

*Brian’s customer who follow the blog: don’t freak out. He’s still going to work two-three days a week in Wichita Falls. 

One response to “Two Weeks

  1. Your agent was right…all at once. I hate moving. Moving piece mill is even worse… Just sayin…

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