A Whole New World…

Oh my Dear Lord Jesus. I released something to the universe and it has come back to bite me big time.

I blogged about thinking I’m a songstress in my car. Tonight my neighbor is living the dream singing at the top of her lungs…Disney songs.

And she can’t sing.

Not even a little.

I feel like maybe I should join in. Make it a party.

This apartment living is going to be a riot. 

mail time.


3 responses to “A Whole New World…

  1. Come sing with US, Mrs. Lee!!! 4th period…tomorrow! 🙂 So glad you’re here!!!

  2. Ha! Live and let live when it comes to singing! Often times, it is not about the beauty or perfection of the singing, but just plain old enjoying it! Just open up and let ‘er fly! You are the worlds greatest singer even if it is in your own mind! We have a bad misconception about singing – that it is supposed to be perfect to enjoy it. Nope! Singing is for pleasure! If a person cannot sing, for crying out loud just let them enjoy themselves singing! Enjoy their personal pleasure!

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