When Lessons Go Wrong

It seemed like such a good idea when I planned my lesson.

Heads up. Any post that starts like that should serve as a warning.


We were supposed to focus on team building today starting with learning styles. I have everything related to True Colors. Did I do that proven personality test my kids have loved over the years?


I started today with a fun “20 question learning style quiz!” (From here on known as lsq.)

I took the quiz before I made my in-depth plans. It was fun. For me. The 47-yr-old teacher.

It was online so that made it even better. AND it had all this great info about each learning style and how each way studies best.

I figured the class could do the lsq quickly while I took attendance.
The 20 question online quiz. Quickly. Because I did and it was awesome.

By 7 th period I’d figured out I had a problem. So I mixed the lesson up. But I still started with the quiz.

Unless the day is a total disaster I try to reflect on what worked and what didn’t.  On the bad days I skip the reflection and go straight to margaritas. On the awful days I go to vodka. On a scale of awesome to vodka today was eh.

Medicinal alcohol not needed but nothing to crow about either.

During reflection I looked over the lesson again and thought about how the kids all did the work I asked them to do.

How when we switched to the second half of the class they were far more engaged. How they spoke up and even moved (begrudgingly) when I made them take sides on ethical  questions with no right answers. By my last class I’d at least added that element.

But the first half…no. Just no.

And it hit me. That dumb quiz. Ugh!

No one balked at it. It’s early enough in the year that kids usually do what the teacher asks even when they don’t know why they’re doing it. Thank goodness.

So the lsq is leaving the files. 

Hopefully I don’t have any hidden lsq moments in tomorrow’s lessons. 


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