Big Brother brought me to a mini temper tantrum last night. And not because of what was on TV.

Let me back up a minute.

It started with a neighbor and her bulldog out on a walk at the same time I was on a walk. Seeing them together tugged at my heart strings because I miss Emmie. She’s staying in Wichita Falls right now. 😢

Still, I was fine until my mother-in-law texted about BB. Suddenly this whole living without TV and wifi seemed a whole lot less Waldenesque and a whole lot more back country primitive. I mean we’re not talking leaves for toilet paper here, but I’m missing Big Brother and the Olympics and House Hunters International. I love House Hunters International.

Two BB texts in I called Direct TV and got prices. Then I called DH and relayed said prices. Then I steamed while he listed all the reasonable reasons we’d come up with a month ago NOT to connect right away.

Then I turned on Harry Connick Jr and did lesson plans, but it wasn’t easy.

Who would have guessed Big Brother would bring on a melt down? Not me.

2 responses to “Really?!

  1. We are going without TV right now and have shoddy internet connection. I miss the Olympics and baseball…and soon football. But, things are tight here and we gotta cut where we gotta cut! It means a lot more reading and quiet time. It means more face time. I am beginning to like this. I can listen to the games on radio!

    • I LOVE listening to games on the radio. The announcers are so good! I felt a lot better today. I’m just tired and grumpy and feeling lonely because Brian is in Wichita Falls and I want to be my comfort zone homebody self and veg on TV or read with the TV on in the background. 😊

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