Don’t feed the monster

One of my students came in with hurt feelings yesterday. The kids were a little overzealous with their yearbook marketing and some people were mad–one of the things they were mad about were standard marketing ploys, one crossed a line. Instead of coming to see me, some of those upset kids took it out on my student instead. Not okay. 

The lesson here was huge.

See, some of the kids who were mad DID come to see me and my response was either I’m sorry that was not okay OR oh, come on, you know that was funny. In both cases the issue was resolved immediately. Overzealous: window chalk. Those kids who were upset said, you know what? It wiped right off. It wasn’t really that big of a deal. Standard marketing: you’re right. That was funny.

The thing is the kids who didn’t come see me weren’t interested in really fixing anything. They just wanted to gripe and complain. They like drama. They live for those Real Housewives table flipping moments. OR

They weren’t really all that upset until they ran into the drama is my main game person and the little thing turned into a big thing. Not a REAL big thing but one of those righteous indignation over cold oatmeal problems.

Both negative groups can be tough. But you need to be aware of which you’re facing and you must NEVER feed the monster. (Drama, drama, drama!)

It was a good conversation for me to have because I’ve been the grumpy make an avalanche out of a snowball person and I’ve avoided facing issues that could easily be diffused when I’m facing those dramafied people. I actually think I learned more in a five minute conversation than my student did! 


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