It’s so easy to get to end of a school year and reflect on the things that made the going rough. For me, once again, I struggled this year with letting go and letting God. It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I want to jump in there and control the mess even when it can’t be controlled. It’s like trying to reign in a tornado, it’s just not going to happen, and still I try. 

I’m sick and it’s yearbook delivery week, so I have to be at school. Yesterday I prayed seeking peace instead of that urgency to “fix” the messes. 

Today there were so many messes, but the peace was there, too. A complete acceptance that there truly are things I can’t fix and that has to be okay. 

And it is. Okay, I mean. Usually I say the words with all the sincerity of a cereal commercial. This time, it’s crazy how completely okay I am. (God, please let this continue next week with yearbook distribution!)

I guess I’ve stumbled on to the perfect let go, let God combination: sick+end of year stresses+mayhem=peace. I don’t understand the psychology of that equation, but it’s working. 😊

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