Daily Archives: April 8, 2016

Put Up Your Phone!

“Mrs. Lee, Can I please be passing by today? If I’m not, I’m going to be grounded starting this weekend.”

The question wasn’t new, but my frustration was. 

See, this girl is what could be a great student. She LOVES writing features and she has incredible voice. She calls herself redneck and when she writes it’s like listening to Miranda Lambert sing.

And still she turned in a crappy story with ridiculous mistakes, no paragraphs and other sloppy work.

She’s one of those kids who’s perfectly happy with a 70. But her feature voice is NOT a 70. It’s an A with a little attention to detail. And the reason she doesn’t focus drives me crazy. 

I grabbed the iPad mini off her desk and handed it to her. 

And I lectured.

You’re a great writer, you love features and still you turned in crappy work as a final copy. Work you KNEW was awful. And still you turned it in because of THAT (I pointed at the mini). You let it control you. It interferes with your work in here, and I’m sure it interferes with your work in other classes. You’re tired every day, probably because you sit on this thing texting or FaceTiming until the early hours of the morning. Technology can be wonderful, but it can also be destructive. It will ruin your life. It will kill your grades and suck up all your time. It will hurt you on the job and in life. You have GOT to learn to turn it off and exist without it.

Lecture over. 

She turned the iPad mini off and got to work.

I love technology. We use it constantly in my classroom, and good LORD, I don’t want to go back to the days of cut and paste and light boards, but we’ve got a problem. A serious problem. So many of our kids are addicted to their phones and tablets. So many adults are too. It’s interfering with life. 

I hope we can fix this before it’s too late.