Writing Time

So here it is Nov. 30. I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo. I always participate. I’ve had clubs time for students to participate. It’s just one of those things I do, but this year has been crazy, so in early September I put the manuscripts away and said writing had to wait. I’m at work until 5 and then the grading and planning starts. I’ve let me job work me instead of me working the job.

I thought taking writing off my plate would make things better. Wrong.

Instead I miss the books and resent the time I’m not spending on the books I love to read and write, romance novels where sex is not a bad word 😉☺️😘, where my villains are evil and sometimes my characters drop effff into their dialogue. I love creating stories about the people that wander through my mind suddenly appearing fully formed and demanding I give them a voice.

I blame Nora or maybe Johanna Lindsey or Debbie Macomber or hundreds of Harlequin authors who have written so many amazing books that I’ve loved reading over the years. I fell in love with romance when I was a kid, and I’ve loved writing it for as long as I’ve written novels for others to read. Those first books I wrote were for my friends. I wrote serialized teen romances in spirals and passed them around to my friends who demanded I write faster.

Not writing didn’t make things better. I might not have been as tired some mornings because writing until 2 a.m. to finish a scene that had to be done hasn’t been part of my life, but the tired I am, the psychological tired of forcing myself not to write, has been a real drag.

Sooooo, I’m done with that. It’s back to the writing world of a self-published romance author. I’ll still write the Sharlene books too. My guardian angel needs to solve her mysteries, but romance will be my focus.

Liz Lee took a break. It was a trial, just to see if maybe first semester would be better if she spent some time on the shelf while Mary Beth Lee worked the day job into the nighttime hours. Bad idea. Lesson learned.


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