Praying for Paris

Praying for Paris.

Praying for Paris.

I’m sitting here watching the news, and my heart is breaking.

I love Paris. If you’ve followed this blog for long you know that. Paris taught me the power of a dream. How a 14-yr-old girl can imagine sipping coffee and people watching under the Eiffel Tower all the while knowing it will never happen but wanting it so desperately anyway. Taking French in college and dreaming about “one day.” And then actually going for the first time in 2008.

Last summer when we were there Paris felt different. I’m sure the massacre sat there in the back of my mind stalking my thoughts and changing my perceptions the whole time. I still loved Paris, but I was scared.

I don’t understand hate that leads to terror attacks, but I know we can’t let fear control us and we can’t let it lead us to hate. That’s how the terrorists win.

Prayers for Paris.


One response to “Praying for Paris

  1. I too, love France and vowed to return after my last visit. It is with heavy heart that I read what has happened on 11/13/15. My prayers are with the people of Paris. I am shattered at the acts of terrorism that so many of us are now having to endure. I pray for you, Paris, my Paris.

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