I LOVE Summer


I love my job. I can’t wait to get back to the business of helping my kids create yearbooks and newspapers and videos and learn the ins and outs of professional social media use, and this year I (might) get to do this AWESOME guinea pig class where I use a J approach with English, BUT I still don’t want this summer to end. I know the summer honeymoon will end before we go back. No way will we continue to have the amazing cool mornings AND evenings, no way will we continue to get these great rain storms about once a week. This summer has truly been a blessing. I’m thankful for the days I’ve had, and I’m going to embrace those left.

Happy summer y’all. It’s been a good one.


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Angel EyesAngel Eyes, The Guardian Book 3 by Mary Beth Lee releases July 20. Sharlene Gallagher is back. YAY!

Dead Girl Walking and An Angel Earns Her Wings are available to Amazon Prime members to read for FREE!!!! Check them out. Dead Girl Walking will release in audio soon. I’m listening to the final cuts now! Brenna Frederick is a genius narrator. I can’t wait for the world to hear her interpretation of DGW!

2 responses to “I LOVE Summer

  1. J approach with English? That sounds interesting. Is this something you proposed? Tell me a little about how that will work.
    My guinea pig class began last year. I call it digital communications. Teaching kids writing skills for online using blogs. We play with web-based apps for research, archiving and just creating. All the time, though, I’m stressing writing skills using links, images, digital citizenship, etc. Last year it was in addition to all else, but this year it should get to replace English for me.

    • I’m still working on development right now, Lisa. Basically what I think is approaching essay development the way we teach news, feature and editorial writing could make a huge difference in writing skills for struggling learners.
      I will update as the course unfolds. 🙂

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