Daily Archives: July 6, 2014

I’ll just wait until tomorrow…

Those words spell doom. They’re like tiny landmines in life, waiting to explode and send all your great plans scattering away in a million different directions. Gathering those pieces back together to form a coherent plan is sometimes an impossibility, or so it seems.
During the school year, the procrastination bug doesn’t hit all that often. In the summer…it lurks around every corner.
Summer is often a glorious blank slate of possibility for teachers. That blank slate seems like the Best Ever. But it’s not. At least it’s not for me.
For me to be productive, I’ve got to have a plan, and I’ve got to stick to that plan or giving in to “I can do this tomorrow,” turns into waking up a month later with regrets over time wasted.
Yearbook camps are done (so great this year!), DD’s visit is over (WAH!!!!). It’s time to get busy. No waiting until tomorrow.