The Secret #amwriting #mywana

I spoke to a group of students tonight about interviewing. I told them a secret: I’m a super shy extrovert. I know, weird. But that’s me. I want to talk once I get started, but until then, I’m terrified.

I ended up talking about way more than interviewing. The whole “write a crappy first draft, don’t wait for the muse” thing, the whole “no butt-reporting” (trying to write a story while sitting on your butt in the newsroom-ahahahahaha) thing, the whole “have a conversation, don’t interview” thing. But the most important thing I said–even bigger than read a lot and write a lot–is to just do it. Just do it and keep doing it and fail a million times but just keep doing it and then one day, you wake up and you’ve figured it–whatever it is–out.

You can’t be afraid of failing, of falling on your face, of doing life wrong if you’re ever going to find success.

That little gem applies to everything in life.

Ira Glass says it better than me. (Click the link for an awesome Ira Glass video. It’s only a minute. You want to click the link–promise)

You’re welcome.



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